Early Diagnosis & Care

When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?

We recommend young children have their first dental visit around age three or four. By this stage they should have all their milk teeth in place and we can check the development of their teeth and jaws. As they get older, we will monitor the development of their teeth, jaws and facial bones and if necessary can recommend orthodontic evaluations which can take place as early as age six or seven. We also monitor their teeth for any signs of tooth decay or other dental problems.

These early dental visits are perfect for enabling young children to get accustomed to visiting the dentist and can do a lot to alleviate any fears and phobias in later life. The great thing about regular preventative dental care is that if we do find any problems than treatment is likely to be quite non-invasive and easier for a young child to cope with.

What about Dental Care at Home?

It’s vital that your child receives a good dental care at home as their dental health relies heavily on good regular oral hygiene. Getting them into a regular routine of tooth brushing and flossing will help them learn that it is just part of everyday life. Children lack the necessary manual dexterity to brush teeth on their own until about age seven so it’s important you help them until they are old enough to clean their teeth on their own. If you would appreciate a bit of help, then our dentists are always more than happy to demonstrate the best way to brush and floss a young child’s teeth as we know this task isn’t always easy.

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