Sports Mouthguards

Every year we see many dental injuries that occurred during sporting activities. Often these injuries could have been minimised or avoided altogether with the use of a well-fitting mouthguard. If you are keen on playing sports then we’ll strongly recommend you purchase a custom-made mouthguard as this will offer maximum protection during sporting activities. You’ll find it is comfortable to wear, will not hinder breathing and is easy to look after.

Mouthguards for Bruxism

If you clench or grind your teeth during sleep (bruxism) then there is a risk that you could do a lot of damage to your teeth, gums and your jaws joints. Bruxism can even cause tooth loss. We can provide custom-made mouthguards that fit over the upper teeth, preventing your teeth from coming into contact while you sleep. These are made from a hard wearing thermoplastic material and will protect your teeth from any further damage.

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