White Fillings

Why Choose White Fillings?

In the past amalgam or silver coloured fillings were often used to repair decayed teeth but these days we prefer using white or tooth coloured fillings. There are several advantages to choosing this option as the composite resin used to repair teeth bonds extremely strongly to your natural tooth structure, creating a filling that works in harmony with your tooth. Our dentists need to remove less healthy tooth structure while preparing a tooth for a white filling, preserving more of your natural tooth. Whereas amalgam fillings tend to flex when they come into contact with hot and cold, white fillings remain completely stable. This is important as continual flexing can create micro fractures in the tooth, weakening it over time.

What Is the Procedure for Having a White Filling?

The procedure for having a white filling is a little more technique sensitive than for an amalgam but can still be completed in one visit. The filling material is applied to the cavity in tiny increments before it is hardened and sculpted to create a natural looking filling. The finished filling is gently polished and should be virtually invisible once completed.

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