Treatment Phases

Planning Implant Surgery

If you are interested in receiving dental implants at Maroubra Junction Dental Centre, we will refer you to our implant specialist who carries out this procedure at our surgery. Before you can have your surgery, you will need to have various diagnostic tests which include a cone beam CT scan and dental x-rays, and possibly dental impressions and photographs. These are used to plan implant surgery so our implant specialist can pinpoint the exact location to insert the implant post.

Implant Surgery

Implant surgery is quite quick and minimally invasive and can normally be carried out under local anaesthetic. A single dental implant takes approximately an hour as the implant is inserted through a small incision in your gum. Afterwards the gum is stitched up and the implant the post is left to heal for between three and six months to enable Osseo integration to take place, where the implant post bonds with your jawbone.

Receiving Your New Tooth

When the implant post has Osseo integrated you’ll return to our surgery for the abutment to be attached to the post. Next, we’ll take a detailed impression of your mouth which is sent to our dental laboratory and used to fabricate your new crown. Your crown will be either screwed or cemented in place during your next appointment.

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