Cfast Braces

What are Cfast Braces?

Cfast braces are cosmetic braces that can correct the position of the front teeth in as little as eight weeks, with average treatment times taking around five months. These braces do only work on teeth called the “social six” which are the teeth that are most visible when smiling. They are ideal if your teeth are generally in the correct positions but are perhaps only slightly overlapping or crooked.

How Do Cfast Braces Work?

Cfast braces are fixed braces that use discreet, tooth coloured brackets that are attached to thin nickel titanium wires. The wires exert the right amount of pressure on the teeth to bring them back into line so they look more cosmetically pleasing.

Who Can Have Cfast Braces?

These braces can be used to correct teeth that are overcrowded or which have unsightly gaps in between them or can help gummy smiles. You might want to consider this brace if you previously wore braces as a child, but have since had an orthodontic relapse, where your teeth have begun to drift back towards their original positions. Cfast braces are very affordable due to the shorter treatment times required.

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