Dietary Advice

How Can My Eating Habits Affect My Teeth?

If you brush and floss regularly then it’s easy to imagine that it really doesn’t matter what you eat. In fact if you want strong and healthy teeth then you do need to pay attention to your diet. For a start, you need plenty of vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth, gums and bones as if you have any dental infections such as gum disease, your body needs the resources to fight back. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet will help tremendously as will cutting down on snacking.

How Does Snacking Affect Teeth?

Every time you eat something sugary or starchy it increases the acidity in your mouth for up to an hour afterwards. This has the effect of softening and weakening your tooth enamel (acid erosion). Frequent snacking raises the acidity levels in your mouth for longer, increasing the effects of acid erosion. If you do want a snack, we suggest sticking to foods that are tooth-friendly, including natural, sugar-free dairy products such as cheese and natural yoghurt, or crunchy fruits and vegetables that have high water contents.

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