Regular Examination

How Often Should I Have a Regular Examination?

We like to see our patients every six months for regular examinations. If you have any health conditions that may affect your dental health, then we might suggest you come in more frequently to see us so we can keep a closer eye on your oral health.

What Will Happen during a Regular Examination?

During your regular examination we will closely examine your teeth, looking for any signs of cavities. Our dentist may gently probe your gums to check for any early signs of gum disease. We also carry out regular screenings for mouth cancer and this is a non-invasive process that simply means we will closely examine all the oral tissues in your mouth, including your tongue, cheeks and the roof and floor of your mouth. This disease is still quite rare but the prognosis is much more favourable when it’s detected early on.

What Will Happen If I Need Treatment?

We won’t provide any treatment at your regular examination but we will discuss our findings with you. If you need further dental care then will provide you with a treatment plan and can discuss all your options and the costs. We want patients to be able to make informed choices about their dental treatment so please ask if there’s something you don’t quite understand.

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