Why Consider Sedation?

We know some patients feel very anxious or nervous when visiting the dentist and do understand that it can be very difficult to relax. If this applies to you then please do let our friendly dental team know so we can help you. We want to make sure all our patients feel as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment and we are especially sympathetic towards anyone with dental phobias.

Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide)

Happy gas or nitrous oxide is one way we can help you relax during dental appointments and this treatment is very safe. You will breathe in nitrous oxide through a small, comfortable mask that fits over your nose. Within just a few seconds you will feel more relaxed and ‘happy’ and more able to receive treatment. You will still be fully aware of everything that is happening and will still be in control at all times. Once the gas is turned off, it is quickly eliminated from the body and you will be able to drive yourself home after treatment.

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